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HR & IT System-Architecture & Cockpit Scenario
HRIS - TOOLS SaaS Development - Coming soon
All contained HR-instruments and -methods are not ends in themselves.Currently on the global market is no software, which supports participatory decision-making HR processes. Normally packaged as a database, hundreds of companies sell some form of HRIS and every HRIS has different capabilities. But only administrative oriented.My software solution offers the possibility to integrate all employees in job and performance evaluation. All Communications without school notes or job evaluation points. The only possibility to plan, calculate, control, optimize and manage salaries/wages all together in a company group or firm. The whole theme-centered interaction of all employees helps to improve the competitiveness and profit situation. Only who is allowed to participate understand what's the matter and what it's about in their company. Participatory tools exclude automated decisions on a case-by-case basis, including profiling. Both in-house and external recruitment methods and procedures.

For Investors only:

The unique selling point against competitors is


essentially the focussed reward of good and conflict-free communication at all operational levels
across the entire structure and process organization. From the organization chart to the work processes. From the management to every employee and his supervisor. Top Down and also Bottom Up.

and second:

The unique monetary factors of the job evaluation results of evry System or Method!

This is worldwide patentable

A systematic, permanent, dispositive, qualitative personnel and organization management through all employees. Only with the corporate aim of sustainably improving the operating profit and the business climate.

Note: This software solution is only suitable for companies that have adopted the custom made associated morally and ethically leadership codex as binding in a company constitution.

My recommendation: Close one house tariff with your unions.

The sense of holistic remuneration or reward systems is certainly cost reduction and increased efficiency. However, key holders and achievers should also be bound long-term.
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